Improving the Wood River Women’s Foundation Using Deming’s Ideas

Guest post by John Hunter, author of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog (since 2004).

Terri Bullock, Vice President of the Wood River Women’s Foundation, shares how she has improved herself and her organization with Deming principles, in this conversation with Nicole Luisi of Aileron.

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On the importance of viewing the entire organization as a system:

The committees were setting their own goals. They were doing what they thought they needed to do, but sometimes it would conflict with a different committee. And so, instead of being a collaborative organization, we were really a little bit disjointed, where everybody thought they were doing the right thing but we weren’t all reaching the same goal.

Without a view of organization as a system, many impacts of decisions are overlooked. The Wood River Women’s Foundation was able to improve decision making by looking at the organization as a system.

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