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The multiplying effect of an unhappy customer is one of those unknown and unknowable figures, and likewise for the multiplying effect of a happy customer, who brings in business.

The requirement of reliability. Rational planning and action in meeting both business and governmental problems require the collecting of current information. This need for information is often met by the use of surveys. A properly designed survey provides the desired information with known and calculable reliability, and does so within the limitations of time and cost and whatever other restrictions are imposed.

The supposition is prevalent the world over that there would be no problems in production or service if only our production workers would do their jobs in the way that they were taught. Pleasant dreams. The workers are handicapped by the system, and the system belongs to the management.

The transformation can only be accomplished by man, not by hardware (computers, gadgets, automation, new machinery). A company can not buy its way into quality.

There are four prongs of quality and four ways to improve quality of product and service:

– Innovation in product and service
– Innovation in process
– Improvement of existing product and service
– Improvement of existing process

The common mistake is the supposition that quality is ensured by No. 4, improvement of process, that operations going off without blemish on the factory floor, in the bank, in the hotel will ensure quality. Good operations are essential, yet they do not ensure quality. Quality is made in the boardroom.

There is no reason to be discouraged about future opportunities for the use of sampling surveys. Without sampling surveys, administrators in government and business would have to make decisions without the aid of periodic information on the labor force, volume of employment, turnover, prices, sales, cause of death, and a host of other population and agricultural characteristics that are considered vital in the administration of government and private business. No one is in favor of making decisions in a vacuum.

There is no such thing as arrival exactly on time. In fact, exactly on time can not be defined.

Think of the storehouse of skills that we have in our 8 million unemployed. A lot of them are willing to work. Some, not only willing to work but have skills vital to American industry. Think of that loss. Think of the far greater loss of the millions of people in management that cannot work. Dare not deliver to American industry what they are capable of delivering. Dare not. Put that all together this may be the world’s most underdeveloped nation. We’re number 1.

To copy an example of success, without understanding it with the aid of theory, may lead to disaster.

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