Taking Deming into the 21st Century – and Beyond

Our lives, communities, health, and realities are in a constant state of variation. Ideas and technology evolve to be considered, used, and discarded through ever-faster communication channels. But some ideas are good enough, and flexible enough, to be considered foundational and remain constant through the tumult of change.

Dr. Deming’s theories and teachings transformed how we think about leadership and management in organizations and companies. For more than 70 years, thousands of companies have used his philosophy to drive innovation and optimize their business so everyone benefits – owners, suppliers, employees and customers.

After he passed away in 1993, The Deming Institute carried on Dr. Deming’s work through the sale of his books, delivering his 2.5-day and 4-day seminars, and making his videos available.  But these were not enough to reach the tremendous number of leaders and the people they work with who would benefit from Dr. Deming’s philosophy.

It soon became clear: we needed a new way to share the Deming philosophy.

DemingNEXT promotional banner with the DemingNEXT logo (white and blue letters) on a dark background. The right side of the image shows a laptop with the DemingNEXT catalog page on the screen and a woman's hands on the keyboard.

Now we are proud to introduce DemingNEXT: a new, unparalleled e-learning platform, the ultimate source to learn and apply Dr. Deming’s transformational ideas from anywhere, at any time.

“My grandfather, Dr. Deming, was always learning and exploring new ways to understand and apply his philosophy. I am confident if he were here today, he would be thrilled with DemingNEXT and what it will mean to those interested in learning and applying his philosophy.”

– Kevin Edwards Cahill

Inside DemingNEXT screenshot showing 25 different modules.DemingNEXT blends modern online learning technology with authentic, comprehensive Deming educational content.

  • Exclusive content from Deming Subject Matter Experts including folks who worked directly with Dr. Deming
  • Designed by experts in online and adult learning
  • Interviews with leaders using Deming in their organizations
  • Case studies
  • Videos of Dr. Deming’s seminars and interviews from The Deming Library
  • Ongoing additions of new interactive courses, articles, and interviews 

Where did DemingNEXT come from?

Ten years ago, the board and staff of The Deming Institute realized that to achieve our aim of enriching society through the Deming philosophy, we needed to take Dr. Deming’s hundreds of articles and letters, hours of video, books, and interviews and make them accessible to a broader audience. However, simply making these materials available online didn’t facilitate learning: we were providing information but not helping create knowledge.

Partnering with an award-winning producer and expert in adult learning we engaged the Deming community in building an entirely new way to learn Deming. All these years later, the result is DemingNEXT – a powerful, comprehensive way for anyone to learn, deepen their understanding, and apply Dr. Deming’s philosophy.

One-year subscriptions give learners access to the entire catalog of materials, including curated learning paths, interactive courses, case studies, interviews, the Deming video archive collections, and more.

And we’re not done yet!

Our commitment is to continually improve the experience for learners and support a community of Deming practitioners. New content is added to our catalog each month, such as the soon-to-be-released “Introduction to Control Charts” interactive course. We are also currently in the process of designing live webinars to be led by Deming-certified coaches. These are particularly exciting because they offer learners a unique opportunity to get questions answered live.

I encourage you to find out more about DemingNEXT and our other learning resources and to start – or continue – your Deming journey.

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