The System of Profound Knowledge Applied to Sales and Marketing

Guest post by John Hunter, author of Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability.

This webcast shows Steve Haedrich’s presentation, The System of Profound Knowledge Applied to Sales and Marketing, at the 2015 Deming Research Seminar. Steve is the President of New York Label & Box Works.

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Steve discussed the importance of understanding the strengths of your organization and remembering that more sales is not the aim but more sales that fit within your organization as a system. Getting more sales that don’t fit your strengths can weaken your company as the negative interactions disrupt the rest of your organization.

He also emphasized the importance of explaining the possibilities of innovation to their clients. In New York Label & Box Works case they are in a position where they are selling to companies that will use New York Label products in their own products sold to end users. So New York Label has to be able to show the value of innovative solutions to the consumers. He talks about innovation being driven by the producer, not the consumer.

New York Label & Box Works doesn’t pay commissions on sales. They pay sales people, and everyone else, fairly, and get everyone focused on doing the best work for the organization overall instead of focusing on commissions. They have a profit sharing plan for all employees.

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