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By John Hunter, founder of CuriousCat.com.

We have launched an updated web site for The W. Edwards Deming Institute.

The new site offers much better usability when using a smart phone and has an updated design. We have added several new features to the site to aid those seeking to apply Deming’s ideas.

Image of The W. Edwards Deming Institute website
The image shows our new design with the drop down menu for easy navigation.

I expect the new feature our readers will find the most useful is the new Deming Today section. That section will highlight applications of W. Edwards Deming’s ideas today by announcing blog posts, webcasts, podcasts, articles and events by the Deming Institute and by others that explore the application and extension of Dr. Deming’s ideas. You may subscribe to an RSS feed and stay current with news related to the application of Deming’s ideas. I expect it will be active, averaging 5 or more posts a week.

The site retains the content we had previously and we have updated the content where appropriate. So we still offer over 60 articles by Dr. Deming, show our upcoming events, provide a photo gallery (with a much improved design, in my opinion) and include information about the Deming Institute.

The most popular pages on our site detail some of the topics W. Edwards Deming is most well known for, including: The Deming System of Profound Knowledge® (SoPK), The PDSA Cycle, The Red Bead Experiment and Dr. Deming’s 14 Obligations for Management. On these pages and throughout the site we have provided links to let people delve further into the ideas being discussed. This aid to those seeking to learn about Dr. Deming’s ideas is another feature of the updated site that I expect to provide great value to those using our site.

We have added a few new pages of content including an online Deming management resource guide and several pages highlighting online video the Deming Institute makes available.

Another new feature of the site is an integrated search that lets you quickly search the content of our site to find what you are interested in.

There is much more on the new site than is discussed here: please visit and take a look for yourself. We hope you find the new website useful. Please comment below with your thoughts on the new site.

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