We are Here to Have Fun, to Learn, and To Make a Difference

By John Hunter, author of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog (since 2004).

Dr. Deming would start his seminars with a quote that set the tone for the seminar:

We are here “To have fun, To learn, and To Make a Difference.”

In that statement you can see the importance Deming placed on knowledge, effectiveness (also compassion – when looking at all his work, being effective at doing what is important makes a difference you can be proud of) and joy in work.

To create an effective organization today you need to engage people and that means create environments where they can have fun, and achieve intrinsic motivation. Learning is key to successful organizations today. And effective learning environments need to tap into people’s joy in learning (which is far too often forgotten, not only by those seeking to help others learn, but also by those who are there to learn).

Mark Graban created a video with an emphasis on having fun; from a 2 hour presentation at the University in Connecticut by Dr. Deming in 1990.

YouTube video

From the video: “The TUC meeting in London, entertained a motion, made and seconded, that no wage paid in this country shall be bellow average. It failed by 3 votes. How I wish it had passed. Wouldn’t that be funny.”

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