First Annual Deming in Education Conference

By John Hunter, founder of

Join us November 6 to 8 for the First Annual Deming in Education Conference at the Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle, Washington.

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Hear the stories of leaders who are challenging the status quo to create exceptional learning environments that preserves our children’s natural curiosity and “yearning for learning”. Learn how the systems approach of Dr. W. Edwards Deming will liberate fear and ignite passion in students and educators alike. Come discover the true potential and future of education in our country.

Alfie Kohn and David Langford will be featured speakers at the conference.

This conference is for educators, administrators, business and organizational leaders interested in making a profound and sustained difference in education and quality learning. It is for anyone who wants to effect change that will foster intrinsic motivation, enhance student performance and inspire joy in learning in the next generation of students. Discover how others are improving learning and leading organizations using the timeless principles of Dr. Deming and emerging brain research. This powerful approach will show you the path to transforming our education systems for our children’s development and well-being, and the future success of our country.

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YouTube video

Dr. Deming Video: A Theory of a System for Educators and Managers

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