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Deming on Management: The Red Bead Experiment

By Matthew Moss / August 5, 2019 / 0 Comments

Guest post by John Hunter, founder of (in 1996). Dr. Deming used the Red Bead Experiment to clearly and dramatically illustrate several points about poor management practices. The Red…

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Customer Satisfaction and The Deming Way at Gallery Furniture

By Matthew Moss / October 7, 2019 / 1 Comment

…through in this interview. Gallery Furniture‘s commitment to all the stakeholders (customers, employees, and community) has been strong for decades. That commitment to community often is newsworthy (see Mattress Mack…

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Presentation by Ackoff on Systems, Design and the Society

By Matthew Moss / April 6, 2020 / 0 Comments

…to. The first critical principle of management ought to be: effective management must be directed at what you want, not against what you don’t want. As he says, eliminating what…

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Deming on Management: Customer Focus

By John Hunter / October 19, 2020 / 0 Comments

…will be desired in the future. It requires creating an organization that people who are committed to delighting customers want to work for. It requires a sustainable business plan that…

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Emotions In The Workplace

By John Hunter / December 7, 2020 / 0 Comments

way similar efforts have been made in the past gives people good reason to feel that way. Others may disagree with that opinion. If you accept it, and maybe even…

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Musical Compositions by W. Edwards Deming

By John Hunter / February 1, 2021 / 0 Comments

…occurred on 3 April 1993. An evening dedicated to his music and sponsored by the Ford Motor Company was presented by the Washington Civic Symphony at Constitution Hall in Washington,…

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Prioritizing Joy in Work

By John Hunter / May 20, 2021 / 0 Comments

…that was not practical. I knew that it was and that it offered many benefits by avoiding commuting to work everyday and working in environments that are often full of…

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Deming on Management: Performance Appraisal

By John Hunter / July 15, 2021 / 0 Comments

Guest post by John Hunter, founder of Dr. Deming called for the elimination of the annual performance appraisal. This post, part of our Deming on Management series, provides some…

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Russell Ackoff Answering Questions

By John Hunter / August 31, 2021 / 1 Comment

…crime. The result; criminologist have shown that every time you send a person to prison they have a 90% chance of coming out. And when they come out they have…

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Managers Must Understand that Blaming Employees Doesn’t Help

By John Hunter / October 5, 2021 / 0 Comments

Guest post by John Hunter, founder of Often when problems occur, we seek to figure out who is to blame for the problem. This is not an effective management…

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