Public Administration: Past, Present, and Future

By John Hunter, author of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog (since 2004).

Professor Ravi Roy, Director of the W. Edwards Deming Incubator for Public Affairs at Southern Utah University spoke at the Deming Management in Public Administration Conference earlier this year on Public Administration: Past, Present, and Future.

YouTube video

Quoting Denzau and North (from Shared Mental Models: Ideologies and Institutions, I believe)

Systemic transformations are rooted in a profound shift in shared mental models.

Ravi Roy discusses the importance of trust in building an effective organization:

leadership creating relationships, building trust.

And Ravi discusses how important Deming’s integrated System of Profound Knowledge is to build trust and thus build organizations capable of transforming to adopt better management practices. As those familiar with Deming’s ideas know, psychology is one of the 4 elements making up the system of profound knowledge.

He closed with:

Don’t focus on the parts; focus on the system.

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