The Transformation from School Based Learning to Lifelong Learning

Guest post by John Hunter, author of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog (since 2004).

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This webcast shows Bjarne Wig’s presentation, The Transformation of Learning, at the 2015 Deming Research Seminar. See Bjarne’s research paper that forms the basis of the talk: The Transformation of Learning at the Work Place.

Educational institutions are becoming dinosaurs with regard to the need for continuous learning. The entire system of continual learning has to be transformed to meet the future.

This paper describes the three major changes in the model call “Work Place as the Primer Campus”. The model has been tested in Norway for the last 6-8 years with great success.

Bjarne discusses how the model of educational institutions being where learning is done is an outdated model. Our workplaces must become where learning continues for our lifetime. This idea is decades old. Yet the progress toward creating systems that support lifelong learning are not close to adequate.

We have to go from push to pull based learning. So we have to adapt the lean, or flow, based thinking to learning.

The second leg is, we have to move the learning from the college campus, from the physical school, out to the workplace. This is the second leg.

And the third is, apply systems leadership, Deming philosophy of leadership.

So you see, all those three legs are interactive.

From Bjarne’s paper:

We are moving from a world where knowledge was imparted via schools, books and classrooms to a world where knowledge is made widely available and is accessible by anyone with a smartphone, a tablet, or an e-reader.

Faced with these fabulous opportunities that have opened up thanks to new technology, we are seeing many educational institutions being hopelessly left behind. Not because our educators are conservative, but because the changes in society are happening much faster than the changes in the education systems.

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